Advertising Policy


The Pipeline Science and Technology (PST) follows the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE's Principles of Transparency and Best Practice in Scholarly Publishing) recommendations regarding advertising policy. The Editorial Office considers advertising and sponsorship opportunities, as a means to provide value to our readers.

1). Advertising doesn’t influence editorial content in any way;

2). Published ads do not imply or indicate that advertised content is endorsed or supported by the publisher;

3). All advertising must be an accurate description of the product or service;

4). Advertising in all journal publications should be provided in form that doesn’t resemble editorial content and can be easily distinguishable from it;

5). The full rules for any market research or promotion associated with an advertisement must be displayed in the ad or available via a prominent link;

6). Editors have final judgement regarding the positioning and suitability of an advertisement; reserving the right to exclude advertisements;

7). PST does not include advertising in the body of the article content; only at the front and rear of the journal;

8). PST will not publish advertisements from unethical sources;

9). PST endeavours to publish advertisements that are compliant to regulations in all countries of distribution. Advertisers are always made aware of geographic distribution.