Disclosure and Conflict of Interest

The Journal requires manuscripts to be accompanied by clear disclosures from all authors of any past and present affiliations, funding sources, and financial or management relationships related to the reported research that might raise questions about possible sources of bias. Patents (whether applications or awards to the authors or home institutions) related to the work should also be declared. Before manuscript acceptance, authors will be asked to sign an authorship/conflict-of-interest form.

All authors should declare any conflict of interests related to the manuscript, these interests include but not limited to commercial, personal, political and intellectual aspects. All editors, editorial staff and reviewers should also report potential conflict of interests related to the submissions they are working with.

Reviewers and authors are required to reveal any possible conflict of interests before taking up the review. In case of revealing of concealment of information regarding any possible conflict of interests and (or) providing the unauthentic information, the author may be refused in publication.

The Editorial Board assures the absent of any conflict of interests during the peer-review procedure. In case of conflict of interests the Editorial Board assures to take any measure possible to eliminate it.