Submission Guidelines

The editors of the scientific journal Pipeline Science and Technology recommend following the instructions below when preparing manuscripts for publication.

The layout rules for papers by authors of the Pipeline Science and Technology are based on the following:

  • the recommendations of Elsevier (Scopus Content Coverage Guide) for preparing papers for publication in top-rated international journals (Vancouver Protocols).
  • short methodological recommendations for preparing and formatting scientific papers in journals indexed in international research databases - Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation; Association of Science Editors and Publishers, 2017, p 11.

Materials accepted for publication must be relevant to the subject matter of the journal. All articles undergo obligatory double-blind reviewing by invited independent experts in the relevant field. Authors should submit their articles to the editors through the online system of manuscript submission at the site: or to the email address

Accompanying documents

Cover Letter

Author's Guarantee Form

Conflict of Interest

Transfer of Copyright Agreement

1. A cover letter from the authors who completed the work. This should be submitted as a separate document together with the work. The letter must include information about the authors, the importance/usefulness of the work for the journal and state the presence or absence of any conflicts of interest. The letter should be signed by all the authors credited in the study, and contain information, including the name, patronymic (where applicable), surname, academic degree and/or rank, position and place of work, city and country of location. Contact information for specialists in the subject matter who may provide references for the authors and their work will be welcomed.

2. An agreement transferring copyright signed by the authors of the study.

Before sending a paper to the Editors of the journal, please make sure that all the requirements for the article made by the Editors are met:

  • The paper is previously unpublished.
  • The paper is not under consideration by another journal.
  • The paper does not include plagiarism and does not duplicate the authors’ previous publications.
  • All studies by other authors which are cited in the article are accompanied by references to the original sources and included in the References section.
  • Any conflict of interest is acknowledged and a contract is signed agreeing to the transfer of copyright.
  • The article has been read and approved by all authors credited in the study; the given order of authors’ names has been approved by all the authors; all authors fulfil the criteria of authorship.
  • The information about the authors and their workplaces is correct and up-to-date, and for the corresponding author a telephone number and email address is given.
  • The text meets the stylistic and bibliographical demands of the editors.
  • As well as the file with the text of the article, all accompanying documents have been uploaded (see above: Accompanying documents).


The Author(s), in submitting this paper to the Editors, entrust the latter to promulgate the work by means of its publication in print.

The Author(s), in submitting this paper to the Editors and signing this contract agreeing to the transfer of copyright, consent to the non-exclusive material rights to use of the paper being transferred to the Editors of the journal (“the paper” includes all material given to the Editors of the journal, including copyrighted materials such as the author’s photographs, figures, diagrams and tables), including its reproduction in print and on the Internet; the rights to distribution; the rights to translation into any language in the world; the rights to export and import copies of the journal containing the paper of the Author(s) in the interests of distribution and dissemination to the general public. The rights of the Author(s) indicated above will be transferred to the Editors with no limit on the period of time, across the territory of all the countries of the world, including the territory of the Russian Federation.

The Editors and Publisher reserve the right to transfer the rights which they have received from the Author(s) to third parties, and reserve the right to forbid third parties from using materials published in the journal for commercial gain.

The Author(s) guarantee that they have exclusive rights to use of the material submitted to the Editors. In the case of this guarantee being broken and complaints against the Editors arising in connection with this, the Author(s) are obliged to settle all complaints independently and at their own expense. The Editors do not bear responsibility before third parties for any infringement of the guarantees given by the Author(s).

The Author(s) retain the right to use the published material, extracts or sections of it for personal use, including for academic and teaching purposes. The rights to the manuscript are considered to be transferred by the Author(s) to the Editors from the moment it is accepted for print.

Reprinting of any materials which are published in the journal by other physical or legal persons is possible only with the written permission of the Publisher where the name of the journal, number and year of publication must be indicated.

In publishing papers in this journal, the Authors consent to the following:

  • The Authors retain copyright and grant the journal the right to publish the work first. Six months after publication, the work will automatically be licensed under the conditions of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which allows others to reproduce the given work with mandatory reference to the authors of the original work and its original publication in this journal.
  • The Authors have the right to publish their work on the Internet (for example in an Institute’s archive or on a personal site) before and during its consideration by this journal, as this may lead to productive discussion and a greater quantity of references to the given work (The Effect of Open Access).

Timetable for journal publication

Frequency: two issues per year.

The Editorial Board reserves the right to make editorial changes which do not distort the fundamental content of the paper.

Articles which do not comply with the guidelines for composition will not be accepted for consideration. The date of receipt will be considered as the day on which the Editorial Board receives the final text of the paper.

Editors’ address in Russia: 117186, 47A Sevastapolskiy prospekt, Moscow, Russian Federation. Telephone: +7 (495) 950 8297 ext. 2234. Email address: MalininaVN@niitnn. (Victoria Malinina).

Publisher’s address in Australia: Great Southern Press, Level 15, 461 Bourke Street, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia, tel: +61 (0)3 9248 5100. Email address: (Annie Ferguson).