The use of digital technology to optimize oil pipeline transportation



Published Dec 31, 2017
I. M. Beysembetov T. T. Bekibaev U. K. Zhapbasbaev E. S. Makhmotov B. K. Sayakhov


THE ARTICLE PRESENTS the results of developing digital technology to optimize ‘hot’ oil pumping. Digital technology is used to model and optimize oil pumping practices in a pipeline section by integrating the SmartTran software and the SCADA system. The problem of selecting optimum pumping practices without heating the oil was solved by D.T.Jefferson who determined the optimum pumping practices in a pipeline section for a fixed oil flow rate, providing that the cost of electricity used by all pumps per unit time was minimal.

The problem of optimizing ‘hot’ pumping has been studied by V.S. Yablonsky. The optimality criterion has been formulated for a fixed oil flow rate. It is not fulfilled when the pipeline throughput and the temperature in a section with several pump stations and heating points is changed.

The algorithm for solving this problem has been constructed with a new approach using the dynamic programming method. The search task is divided into several overlapping subtasks in order to find the optimal substructure. The object of each subtask is the cost function of pumps and preheaters at the stations of the pipeline section. The combination of working pumps and preheaters which gives the minimum cost for energy consumed is being searched for a solution.

The discussion presents the results of ‘hot’ pumping calculations for the Kasymov-Bolshoy Chagan section of the Uzen-Atyrau-Samara trunk oil pipeline. The calculation algorithm was implemented in the SmartTran software for modelling and optimizing ‘hot’ pumping. The initial calculation parameters were loaded from the SCADA system. The SmartTran software calculation results (oil pressure and temperature, pumps power, pumping and heating costs and other parameters) for ‘hot’ pumping are in accordance with the experimental data of the SCADA system.

Energy savings when operating pumps and preheaters can be found provided that the oil temperature in the pipeline section does not fall below the pumping safety conditions. The optimal practice calculation results demonstrate the economic efficiency of ‘hot’ pumping. Thus, the integration of SmartTran software with the SCADA system creates the digital technology for optimizing the technological practices of ‘hot’ oil pumping.

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digital technology, pipeline transportation, optimality criterion, ‘hot’ pumping

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