Mechanical behaviour analysis of buried pipeline subject to ground loading



Published Dec 31, 2018
J. Zhang J. Xie


TO STUDY THE EFFECT of ground loading on the mechanical behaviour of buried pipelines, a three-dimensional pipeline-soil coupling model was established. The influences of ground load, radius-thickness ratio, internal pressure and elastic modulus of backfill soil on stress, displacement and section ovality of the pipeline were analysed in this paper. The results show that the high stress area appears at the top of the pipeline and the shape is an oval under the ground load. As the ground load increases, the stress concentration phenomenon appears on the left and right sides of the pipeline. As the radius-thickness ratio decreases, the ability of the pipeline to resist deformation increases and the stress zone at the top of the pipeline gradually decreases. As the elastic modulus of the backfill soil increases, the displacement of the pipeline section gradually decreases. With the increasing of the internal pressure, the stress and strain of the upper pipeline is reduced and the bottom stress of the pipelne is increased. Protective measures should be used for the buried pipelines in dangerous areas.

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buried pipeline; ground load; mechanical behaviour; failure

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