Vol 1 No 1 (2017): Pipeline Science & Technology

PST - June 2017, Vol 1, No 1 

Published: 2018-11-06

A comprehensive analysis of pipeline safety factors and of the basic mechanical properties of pipe steels

Y. V. Lisin, N. A. Makhutov, D. A. Neganov, V. M. Varshitskiy
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Page 5-16

Flap pressure and arrest length considerations in propagating shear failure

Dr B. N. Leis, Dr. A. Cosham
Abstract 149 | PDF file Downloads 93

Page 25-40

Design challenges of steel pipelines in unsteady flow conditions

D. G. Pavlou
Abstract 135 | PDF file Downloads 89

Page 41-47

A study of the impact of low ambient temperatures on weld technology and the properties of welded joints in trunk pipelines

N. G. Goncharov, O. I. Kolesnikov, A. A. Yushin, O. I. Filippov
Abstract 131 | PDF file Downloads 91

Page 57-63

Geomechanical modelling of construction conditions for trunk pipeline underwater crossings

D. A. Vafin, D. A. Shatalov, Z. Z. Sharafutdinov
Abstract 122 | PDF file Downloads 97

Page 65-79