Vol 1 No 3 (2017): Pipeline Science & Technology

PST - December 2017, Vol 1, No 3

Published: 2017-12-31

The direction of metrological assurance development for pipeline ILI in the framework of conformity assessment

Y. V. Lisin, O. V. Aralov, S. I. Vorobyev, S. V. Ermish
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Page 163-171

Possible ways to achieving high-accuracy sizing of defects discovered by ILI tools

S. A. Timashev, A. V. Bushinskaya
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Page 185-193

A comprehensive study of steel properties in trunk oil and petroleum product pipelines with various service lives

Y. V. Lisin, D. A. Neganov, E. P. Studenov, S. V. Skorodumov, G. E. Antipov
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Page 195-207

The use of digital technology to optimize oil pipeline transportation

I. M. Beysembetov, T. T. Bekibaev, U. K. Zhapbasbaev, E. S. Makhmotov, B. K. Sayakhov
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Page 219-232

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