Creating the knowledge base and data banks to justify the strength reliability of the pipeline transport system for oil and



Published Mar 31, 2020
Nikolay A. Makhutov Dmitry A. Neganov


The paper outlines the scientific fundamentals for creating and applying the knowledge bases and the data banks in the design, construction and operation of pipeline transport systems. The analysis of knowledge is carried out, the main directions of knowledge base creation and its fundamentals are considered in terms of the pipeline transport of oil and petroleum products. The knowledge bases include both the existing system of scientifically validated proposals to the structure, classification, criteria, constitutive equations for design-and-experimental assessment of strength, stability, stiffness of the load-bearing elements of pipeline transport facilities, and further development of these proposals in terms of analyzing the operation life, reliability, and damage tolerance of the pipeline transport system, analysis of its protection against crisis and emergency situations. Data banks are considered as the initial information basis for the knowledge implementation at all stages of the pipeline transport system life cycle. It is concluded that the creation of the unified system of knowledge base and data banks is of significant scientific and practical importance for the further development of pipeline transport systems with regard
to up-to-date requirements for ensuring and improving their strength, service life, reliability, damage tolerance, and safety of construction and operation.

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knowledge base, data bank, strength, stability, stiffness, operation life, service life, reliability, damage tolerance, safety, protection, risk, pipeline transport, legislation, regulations

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