Flexural dynamic response of monopile foundations under linear wave loads



Published Mar 31, 2020
Theofanis Giotis Dimitrios Pavlou


An analytical solution for the dynamic response of submerged slender circular cylindrical structures subjected to linear wave loads is presented. A double Laplace transform with respect to temporal and spatial variables is applied both to motion equation and boundary conditions. The dynamic deflection of the beam is obtained by inversion of the Laplace transform. The latter with respect to spatial variable is obtained analytically, while the one concerning the temporal variable is numerically calculated using Durbin numerical scheme. Results in the case of a representative example for a monopile foundation subjected to Airy waves are presented and discussed, and the analytical result is compared against numerical dynamic and static solutions.

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Giotis T, Pavlou D. Flexural dynamic response of monopile foundations under linear wave loads. PST [Internet]. 2020Mar.31 [cited 2020Jul.8];4(1(3):44-0. Available from: https://pipeline-science.com/index.php/PST/article/view/115


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Laplace transform, Morison Equation, dynamic response, monopile

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