Modeling of electromagnetic fields of pipelines cathodic protection systems in horizontally layered medium



Published Mar 31, 2020
Vladimir N. Krizsky Pavel N. Aleksandrov Alexey A. Kovalskii Sergey V. Viktorov


Design of cathodic protection systems of the trunk pipeline is regulated by current standards, based on the condition of uniformity and constancy of the electric conductivity of the multilayered half-space surrounding the pipeline. The current mathematical models of such systems also use an average value of the medium electric conductivity, which does not fully reflect the actual characteristics of the soil, in which the pipeline is laid. The authors present a method that accounts for the thickness and electrical conductivity of individual beds in a vertically-inhomogeneous, horizontally layered medium (the most practically appropriate case). Using method of computational experiment, the authors showed the importance of accounting for the effect of the medium layers structure and electrical resistivity on the protective voltage of the electric current in the cathodic protection system for underground trunk pipeline and studied the magnetic field sensitivity dependence on the insulation resistance of the pipeline defect-containing segments and on the altitude of data acquisition.

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Krizsky VN, Aleksandrov PN, Kovalskii AA, Viktorov SV. Modeling of electromagnetic fields of pipelines cathodic protection systems in horizontally layered medium. PST [Internet]. 2020Mar.31 [cited 2020Jul.8];4(1(3):52-1. Available from:


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piecewise homogeneous space, horizontally layered space, cathodic protection, mathematic modeling, electromagnetic field

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