Method for determining technological parameters to repair pipeline with out-of-spec curvature



Published May 31, 2020
Victor M. Varshitsky Igor B. Lebedenko Eldar N. Figarov


When performing in-line inspection of trunk pipelines, line pipe sections are detected with curvature exceeding the values required by specifications. To prepare a repair work project that entails bringing the pipeline into the standard conditions, it is necessary to determine the technological parameters of the repair. The corresponding technique is known for cases of moving an initially straight pipeline. The authors of the paper have developed the method for determining the technological parameters to repair pipeline with out-of-spec curvature of the axis. The method is based on simulation of pipeline deformation with the initial curvature of the axis, taking into account the actual operating conditions of the pipeline and in-line inspection data. Examples of calculations of repair technological parameters and stress-strain state of pipeline sections with out-of-spec curvature are given. The simulation results confirm the possibility for applying this method to assess the technological parameters of repair, the length of trench excavation, the size and limits of the pipeline additional burying or lifting, and to determine the stress-strain state of the pipeline section under repair during and after repair work.

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Pipeline, out-of-spec curvature radius, technological parameters of repair, calculation of stress-strain state.

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