Technical and methodological support of leak-detection systems at Transneft’s facilities



Published Mar 31, 2018
R. Z. Sunagatullin S. A. Korshunov Yu. V. Datsov


THIS ARTICLE ANALYSES the current situation in the global market for leak-detection systems (LDS). The main operational problems for existing parametric LDSs are identified based on a comparative analysis of statistical data on leaks in European and American trunk pipeline operators, and the proportion of leaks detected by LDSs. Reasons are formulated for these problems, which lead to deterioration in LDS characteristics. The study includes a brief classification and description of the most commonly used leak detection methods. Based on comparison of regulatory documentation in the field of LDSs in Russia and abroad, provisions are identified describing the requirements and important processes within the design and operation of LDSs, which are missing in the domestic regulatory framework and are recommended for inclusion. A comprehensive approach is proposed for the task of improving and introducing parametric LDS, as used by the Pipeline Transport Institute.

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Sunagatullin RZ, Korshunov SA, Datsov YV. Technical and methodological support of leak-detection systems at Transneft’s facilities. PST [Internet]. 2018Mar.31 [cited 2020Oct.31];2(1):33-42. Available from:


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leak-detection systems, parametric methods, leak detection statistics, trunk pipelines

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