Vol 2 No 3 (2018): Pipeline Science & Technology

PST - Sept. 2018, Vol 2, No 3

Published: 2018-09-30

Corrosion defect harmfulness by domain failure assessment diagram

Guy Pluvinage, O. Bouledroua, M. H. Meliani
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Page 163-177

Study of how welding methods impact the stress build-up in storage tank walls

Nikolay Goncharov, A. A. Yushin, D. V. Derkach
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Page 179-186

A review of pipeline monitoring and periodic inspection methods

Atef Mohany, K. Sachedina
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Page 187-203

Methods of early detection and monitoring of oil and oil products spills at water bodies, and an evaluation of their effectiveness

S. G. Radionova, S. A. Polovkov, A. E. Gonchar, V. N. Slepnev
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Page 205-219

Calculations for energy-saving modes for batching oil blends in trunk pipelines

U. K. Zhapbasbaev, E. S. Makhmotov, G. I. Ramazanova, Т. Т. Bekibaev
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Page 221-231